It's three days before Christmas break at Billingsley University, and the co-ed dorm, McMartin Hall, is buzzing with activity. Forget about final exams! Oversexed Styles McFee (PATRICK RENNA) has more important things to worry about, like awaiting the arrival of sexy Dominique, the prostitute he's hired so his haplessly nerdy brother (CHRIS OWEN) can finally lose his virginity.

     Meanwhile, at the other end of the dorm, Wang (PAUL HANSEN KIM) is expecting the arrival of a foreign exchange student who speaks very little English  - also named Dominique. Then there's Newmar, who's just purchased a large French sausage . . . What could possibly go wrong?

     In the proud tradition of such National Lampoon hits as "National Lampoon's Animal House" and "National Lampoon's Van Wilder" comes "Dorm Daze," which ventures into the 'virgin territory' of college freshmen as they endure outrageous mishaps, mistaken identities and overall mayhem that escalate to monumental -- if not Shakespearean proportions.

     The fast-paced hijinks come courtesy of an assortment of colorful characters, from joined-at-the-hip Lynne (JENNIFER LYONS) and Marla (DANIELLE FISHEL), the dorm's bubble-headed busybodies, to lovesick, sausage-toting unicyclist Newmar (TONY DENMAN), to preening, sexually ambiguous Foosball (RANDY SPELLING).

     "Dorm Daze" also features the jealous Claire (TATYANA ALI) who mistakenly suspects her boyfriend Tony (EDWIN HODGE) is cheating on her.

    Part screwball, part comedy of errors, with a little bit of French farce thrown in, "Dorm Daze" brings together a fresh ensemble cast for an unforgettable college romp.‚Äč

Dorm Daze