This semester the students of Billingsley University including Marla (DANIELLE FISHEL "Boy Meets World"), Lynn (JENNIFER LYONS "Can't Hardly Wait"), Gerri (MARIAH DELFINO "Jeepers Creepers II), Booker (Chris Owen "American Pie") and Numar (TONY DENMAN "Fargo") are leaving their campus behind for the fun and sun of the high seas.

     This time the madness will take place during the "College @ Sea Program" run by the overly repressed and quirky Dean Dryer (two time Emmy Award winner LARRY DRAKE, TV's "LA Law"). The sea air and the skimpy outfits have everyone in the mood for love - or at least sex.

     When the ship leaves port for romantic Mexico, inhibitions and school clothes are quickly cast off as the salty air and the skimpy swimwear get everyone in the mood to mate. Newmar has met a cute new girl named Violet (international model sensation VIDA GUERRA). The problem is getting her to agree to have sex. Violet also happens to be the president of the Students For Abstinence Support Group, but her luscious body is busting at the seams as she struggles with choosing the perfect moment to 'give it up.'

     Adding to the onboard excitement . . . unbeknownst to the students, a murderer stalks the ship. When Professor Cavendish (CHARLES SHAGHNESSY (Mr. Sheffield in TV's "The Nanny") disappears, everyone assumes he was accidentally left behind at the last port, when in actuality he was murdered for a valuable diamond he had been secretly smuggling on board. But the murderer cannot seem to find the diamond - which is now somewhere on the ship and up for grabs.

     Comedy and danger collide, skidding hilariously out of control by the time our rag-tag, sex-crazed group of college students start unraveling the mystery of the dead professor and the missing diamond.  All aboard for laughs as these college 'hotties' put the motion in the ocean in this wet'n'wild, wacky romantic comedy.‚Äč

Dorm Daze 2