Successful businessman Bill Masterson (WILLIAM GREGORY LEE, "Dark Angel," "Xena: Warrior Princess") is out of his element on a long fishing weekend with his brother-in-law, outdoorsman Matt Murphy (SCOTT MILES, "The Patriot," "October Sky.")

     Although Bill believes they're just heading out for some fishing and drinking, Matt has his own reasons for bringing Bill out into the 100,000 wild acres of Great Dismal Swamp--far from phone signals, far from civilization, and far from help! But the Swamp has plans of its own:  plans neither man could ever predict.

     Soon Bill and Matt find themselves locked in a desperate struggle against natural dangers, otherworldly scares and a deadly predator in the form of reclusive survivalist named Croaker Norge (RICHARD RIEHLE, "Office Space," "Glory") who has created a refuge for himself in the woods. Croaker will do anything to remain undetected and is quick to punish anyone who crosses him, including a businessman who thinks he has enough money to buy his way out of any predicament and an outdoorsman who thinks he knows how to survive any ordeal.

     Back in civilization, it's not long before the men's wives begin to worry about their missing husbands. They convince Ranger Rettig (MARK JOY, "Big Momma's House 2," "Homicide") to arrange an all-out search of the Swamp, but even law enforcement is no match for Croaker.

     A twisting physical battle turns into a twisted psychological war with both sides determined to stay alive.   As Bill and Matt learn, anyone can enter, but not everyone leaves the Great Dismal Swamp alive!‚Äč