In this TEEN ZOMBIE movie, creatures from the dead lurking in the shadows of a cemetery torment a group of innocent  teenagers and begin to take them over one by one, devouring them and turning them into ghouls.  With the approaching fear of night, the remaining teens must try to stop the force or run for their lives before they, too, are overcome by these demons of the night!

     A dark presence is creeping over the city, and a group of innocent teenagers is in its path. When Gerald, a psychotic, escapes from a mental institution leaving a wrath of murders behind him, he heads for the city and straight to the cemetery. We believe it's a simple murder mystery. But when the hip kids from Kent High School decide to hang out in the same cemetery that night, they, too, become taken over by the creatures from the dead who lurk there.

     One by one, they are overcome by these demons of the night. By day, the kids appear normal. But at night, they turn into the same ghouls who devoured them. Their only goal: to transform the rest of humanity into creatures from the dead.

Dead of Night