When small time felon Vito Scaldifieri (DAN LAURIA, TV's "The Wonder Years") is framed for the murder of an undercover Federal agent, he is faced with two choices. He can face a possible death sentence if convicted, or he can choose to "sing" to the Feds and turn in the powerful crime boss Paulie DeMartino (FRANK GIO, "Analyze That," "Moonstruck") whose cocky young nephew Nicky DeMartino (BRANDON FOX, HBO's "Sex & The City") framed Vito in the first place.

     Though telling all he knows to the government is not his first choice, he knows it is the only way to save his life and, more importantly, take care of his beloved wife, Sharon (DEE WALLACE STONE, "E.T.," "Cujo"), who has always stood steadfastly by his side.

     After a trial in which Paulie is convicted, Vito and Sharon are placed in the Witness Protection Program to begin life in a new place with a new identity. There's one big problem with the Program, however. In recent months, criminals under government protection are being assassinated in towns and cities all over the country. Somehow, they are being found and killed and no one can understand how.

     Jimmy Kerrigan (CHARLES DURNING, "Tootsie," "Turn of Faith"), a tough, old-school newspaper reporter, begins investigating the Witness Protection Program killings. Having known Sharon's mother in his younger days, he wins Sharon's trust and becomes a confidante throughout Vito's imprisonment, trial and entry into the Program.

     Through informants, friends and insiders, Jimmy digs deeply into the criminal underworld and the government to scrutinize the Witness Protection Program and search for answers. With time running out, and fearing that Vito will be next on the list to be murdered, Jimmy carefully puts together all of the pieces, and discovers that there is much more behind the murders than thugs killing their own in the Witness Protection Program. He uncovers the secrets of a plot far more threatening and widespread. But will Jimmy learn the truth in time to save Vito and his family from becoming one among many Dead Canaries?‚Äč

Dead Canaries