In the vein of "Thelma and Louise," Samantha Kingsley (SHERYL LEE John Carpenter's "Vampires," "Bliss," "Backbeat," "Wild at Heart," "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me," TV's "Twin Peaks") is on the run after committing a murder during an armed robbery in L.A.

     Believing that her accomplice-boyfriend Steven (CHANNON ROE "Boogie Nights," "Stir," "Martial Law," TV's "NYPD Blue," "X Files") is dead, Samantha grabs the looted merchandise and leaves him at the scene of the crime. But her truck breaks down in Death Valley and she is forced to stay there until it can be fixed.

     There she meets June Darian (GUINEVERE TURNER "Chasing Amy," "Go Fish"), an attractive and intelligent woman who is the last person you would expect to be working as a hotel maid in the middle of Death Valley. This innocent girl spends her time dreaming of escaping her dead end life. Although she could afford to leave with an inheritance that she received, for June the world is a frightening place.

     When Samantha blows into town, June is intrigued by Samantha's free spirit and instantly develops a connection with her. Samantha soon gives June a tutorial in living life on the edge . . . she reveals her criminal past, her taste for money and the freedom it brings. She is a woman without boundaries, and she does her best to teach June that adventure is something to look for and not hide from.

     June, now intrigued by Samantha, is enticed into believing that Samantha is going to take June with her when she leaves -- taking her away from her mundane life and leading her into a new, adventurous lifestyle. But soon, Samantha's real motives surface, and when she double crosses June, the truth tears them apart, leaving both lives changed forever.

     Dante's View also stars BRETT HARRELSON ("The People vs. Larry Flint," Tarantino's "From Dusk Till Dawn: Texas Blood Money") and GRACE ZABRISKIE ("The Big Easy," "An Officer And A Gentleman").​

Dante's View