In this outrageous romantic comedy, a young man vows to end his life, until he finds something worth living for . . . a girl who is more messed up than he is!

     Max (David Krumholtz TV's "Numb3rs," "Ray," "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle") has always had a morbid fascination with death. So much so that his parents (Lorraine Bracco TV's "Sopranos," "Goodfellas") and David Paymer ("Oceans 13," "City Slickers") have him committed to a mental institution. Here he meets the beautiful, but troubled Grace (Natasha Lyonne "Slums of Beverly Hills," "Blade: Trinity").

     After meeting Grace, Max suddenly finds a reason to live, but Grace needs more convincing. Max takes her to see her mother (legendary actress Karen Black), who is able to show her the light . . . and not the one at the end of the tunnel!

     Featuring an all-star cast including Rosanna Arquette ("The L Word," "Pulp Fiction") and Tim Blake Nelson ("Meet the Fockers," "O Brother Where Art Thou?"), "Crazy For Love" is a romantic comedy about finding the reasons to live and the redeeming power of love.‚Äč

Crazy for Love