Funny, warmhearted . . . easygoing date movie" 

Janet Maslin, The New York Times


     In this delightful romantic comedy about losing love and finally finding it again, supermodel SHALOM HARLOW ("In & Out," "Unzipped," Host of MTV's "House of Style") stars as Leila Sweet, a 29 year old virgin who owns a failing muffin shop in New York City. 

     After being dumped at the alter 10 years ago and incinerating her veil, her gown, her shoes and stacks of old love letters, Leila has sworn off love and men altogether. But, at the age of 29, she begins to hear her biological clock ticking - loudly - and decides to have a child... the old fashioned way.

     So, Leila visits Dr. Beverly Kirk, a gynecologist, for some help on the subject. Assuming that Dr. Beverly will be a woman, she is shocked during her first visit to find out that the doctor is not only NOT a woman, but rather a shy, handsome man (JAKE WEBER "Meet Joe Black," "Dangerous Beauty," "The Pelican Brief") - who is smitten with her at first glance.

     Determined to have a baby, but unwilling to waster her time on love, Leila places an ad in the paper for a prospective donor asking for "no romantics or commitment seekers please". When she returns to her muffin shop the next morning, there are men lined up around the block - ready and willing to offer their services. Prepared to asses the candidates along with the help of her sister Evy (LAUREL HOLLOMAN "The Myth of Fingerprints") and the two waitresses who work in her muffin shop, Dottie (HEATHER MATARAZZO "Welcome to the Dollhouse," "The Devil's Advocate," "Studio 54") and Darcy (ALEKSA PALLADINO "Manny & Lo"), Leila begins the search. But, with each unfulfilling prospect, Leila is quickly reminded why she has avoided men all these years.

     Then along comes Eddie (DONOVAN LEITCH "Love Kills," "One Night Stand"), a professional clown, and Leila thinks that she has finally met her man. Eddie is young, attractive and prepared to step up to the task. Ready to proceed, Leila returns to Dr. Beverly Kirk for advice, only to discover that she's attracted to the quiet, good-looking doctor, who we know has the same feelings for her.

     Leila is reminded that love can be complicated, but she quickly realizes that some promises are obviously worth breaking -- especially when the right guy comes along.​