Jack Kincaid (JOHN SCHNEIDER, TV's "Smallville," TV's "Dukes of Hazzard") had life all figured out.  With a wife, two kids and a successful career at an investment firm, Jack was living the life that most men dream about . . . While Jack was a winner in the boardroom, he could not figure out how to balance a successful career with a successful marriage.

     Ultimately, Jack's wife Keri (JESSICA TUCK, TV's "True Blood," "Judging Amy"), filed for a divorce and decides to raise their two children in a calmer, more idyllic lifestyle - on the beautiful island of Catalina, 26 miles off the coast of Southern California.  

    Suddenly, the man who had it all has found himself with nothing - except for an excuse to start over and re-build his dreams.  Aided by Sean 'Murph' Murphy (ERIC LANGE, TV's "Lost") - Jack's best friend, former brother-in-law, internet entrepreneur and the de-factor 'honorary mayor' of Catalina all-in-one - the high-powered executive soon finds himself trading in his wing-tips for flip-flops, rediscovering life as a father, and even catching the eye of beautiful local, Jennifer (TESSIE SANTIAGO, TV's "Good Morning, Miami" and "Queen of Swords").

    When Murph proposes the ultimate idea - that he and Jack reunite their college band 'The Renegades' - Jack soon finds that his dreams never did die, they just went on hiatus.

Catalina Island