Mario Vandetti (CHAUNCY LEOPARDI" The Sandlot," "Casper," " The Big Green") is looking forward to the last day of school and can't wait to spend the summer together with his father (BEAU BRIDGES "The Fabulous Baker Boys." "Jerry Maguire").

     Ready to embark on an exciting camping trip with his son, Mario's father learns of his big promotion and is forced to cancel their long-planned trip due to his excessive workload. Mario is crushed and unwillingly departs to spend the summer with his aunt and obnoxious cousin in San Francisco.

     However, instead of the expected boredom, he encounters and befriends a group of young city kids and a priest (ART EVANS "Ruthless People," "Bushwacked") who encourages the boys to make better use of their time. Instead of getting into trouble by peering through the fence at their neighbor (supermodel RACHEL HUNTER), the priest encourages them to use their athletic talents and get involved in basketball.

   This group, who call themselves the "Boys Klub", includes Country (PATRICK RENNA "The Sandlot," "The Big Green") - a Charles Barkley wanna-be, Ernie - a calculating genius, Papi - whose only goal in life is to follow in the footsteps of Shaquille O'Neal, both on the court and on the music charts and Chief - who, although he is a rookie, makes a great addition to the team. Together they must fight insurmountable odds when they enter the city basketball tournament, but with Mario's leadership they start believing in themselves and their ability to win.

    Having the summer of a lifetime, Mario not only improves his basketball skills, but also learns the true meaning of friendship, teamwork and how to make the best of life.

Boys Klub