What do you get when you combine two teenage slackers, one skateboard, one large cardboard box, and one long, steep hill? You get the hottest extreme sport ... boxboarding!

    TY  (James Immekus "The Caretaker," TV's "Without a Trace") and JAMES (Austin Basis "American Zombie," "My Sassy Girl") are ordinary teenagers who thought it would be fun to put a box on top of a skateboard, get into the box, then ride the box down a steep slope ... Stupid, right?

     Stupid enough to be the next big craze, and all the popular kids want a part of it! However, the boys are ill equipped to handle their newfound popularity, and the attention from the beautiful girls threatens Ty's budding relationship with the cute but shy STEPHANIE (Michelle Alexis).  And while Ty and James created boxboarding for the sheer thrill of it, Ty's nemesis, the popular and good-looking ALEX  (Mitch Eakins "Glory Road," "Tunnel Rats") sees the financial potential in this new extreme sport. Alex challenges Ty to a winner-takes-all race, which you have to see to believe!

     Featuring a host of colorful characters including James' little brother RICK (Hudson Thames "Bone Dry") who is more of a danger to society than James, and the stuck-up hottie TARA (Michelle Pierce TV's "Days of Our Lives," "Transformers") who sees boxboarding as a way to launch her acting career,

     BOXBOARDERS! is a high-speed teen comedy that doesn't want you to think "outside the box" it wants you to get in the box and ride!‚Äč