The Last Season; Robert Joseph
"...luminous with oracular wisdom about the nature and sources of creativity. From first page to last, this book will inspire..." -- Richard Lederer, author, lecturer, and co-host for KPBS radio
The Last Season; Robert Joseph
Designed for early readers, Annie Kai Lani Kai Lou features whimsical illustrations of a Kauai's beloved pup whose activities are as boundless as her energy—from ziplining, to sailing, golfing, surfing—even dancing at a luau. 
Not Only When The Rain Falls

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The Last Season is an exciting and passionate  coming of age story about a pampered British debutante who is forced to choose between her selfish wants and the ultimate act of selflessness.
"Superb Work" Dr. M.P. Cosman, Esq., Pulitzer Prize nominee
"Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all - Well, yes and no.  Read Daly-Lipp's view of this age old dilemma."  Rita Mae Brown, Author of eleven novels and two time Emmy Award nominee.

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