A pack of elite mercenaries re-team for one last mission to save a city from the grips of an extremist group.  

​     James McCue (ROBERT DAVI "Showgirls," "Christopher Columbus," "Predator," James Bond's "License To Kill"), a brooding and mysterious soldier of fortune, is hired by the city's residents who can no longer tolerate being terrorized by the fanatical militia led by the merciless Lamont Sperry (MARSHALL TEAGUE).

     As Sperry trains his army of fanatical military veterans, McCue agrees to be hired on by the desperate locals and assembles the baddest of the bad from all walks of life to join him in his mission.      Each of the seven members of The Bad Pack are hand picked to bring their special skills and expertise to the table.

    Sims (RODDY PIPER "Jungleground," John Carpenter's "They Live," "White Tides") is a tough, world class race car driver hired to drive munitions.  Kurt (RALF MOELLER Mr. Universe, "Conan," "Best of the Best 2," "Universal Soldier") is an out-of-work former East German spy of extraordinary physical strength. Remi (SHAWN HUFF TV's "McKenna"), a gorgeous assassin with a personal score to settle, carries a large chip on her beautiful shoulder.  Hoffman (PATRICK DOLLAGHAN) was just sprung from the mental institution that he frequents, and is just crazy enough to do anything. Britt (LARRY B. SCOTT) is a street wise, computer smart "can-do-man" who has yet to face a fight;  Callin (BRENT HUFF), undercover for the FBI, is a seventh degree black belt.

     When McCue discovers that the militia has bigger plans, time becomes of the essence, and the action becomes non-stop whenthe Bad Pack, bred in the city, unites to fulfill their most exciting and dangerous mission yet.​

Bad Pack