Eight months after discovering the grisly murder of one of her patients, social worker Anna Liu (GRAYCE WEY) is still struggling to recover and rebuild her life.

     In an effort to cheer her up on her birthday, Anna's roommate takes her to visit a local psychic named Vivian. Coincidentally, Vivian was working with two detectives on the unsolved murder of Anna's patient, Michael Duncan. Vivian is so disturbed by the visions she receives during her reading with Anna, that she doesn't realize she has unleashed an ominous presence connected with Michael's death, which follows Anna home.

     Soon, bizarre accidents begin to claim the lives of those around Anna and the spirits of the slain begin to haunt her every moment. What is this presence . . . and will she live long enough to find out?

     In the tradition of The Grudge and The Ring, ANNA'S EVE will take you places you may not want to go . . . and may never come back from!‚Äč

Anna's Eve