Among Thieves

     In this exciting thriller, a group of art thieves conspire to retrieve a stolen 19th Century painting that has been missing for decades.  But when love and murder enter into the "picture," the thieves lose the one thing that originally held them together . . . trust.

     Two art thieves, Chloe Tuschel (KAREN SILLAS "Risk," "What Happened Was...,"  TV's "Under Suspicion") and Daren Iginla (JOHN BATTLE "Blind Luck," "True Colors," TV's "Law and Order," "Beverly Hills 90210," "L.A. Heat"), and a mysterious man named Billups meet in the South of France, where they believe they will find the missing painting.  The only problem is that Chloe and Darren are lovers, and Chloe wants Billups out of the question.  When Darren finds Billups murdered, he realizes that Chloe is a force to be reckoned with and immediately leaves her.

     Stunned that Darren would have the resolve to betray her, Chloe sets out on her own to find the missing masterpiece.  She traces the painting to a warehouse in Los Angeles, poses as a buyer in an attempt to get close to the merchandise and steal it for herself.  But when she arrives, she is shocked to discover that Darren has already closed in on the painting by posing as a worker at the warehouse.

     A rivalry between the ex-lovers quickly becomes a dangerous competition controlled by Chloe, where anyone who crosses her path becomes a casualty.  Finding the painting becomes secondary to the psychologically lethal game that Chloe begins to play with Darren.

     Chaos ensues as the FBI closes in on the thieves who will lead them to the missing masterpiece.  The deadly game to retrieve the painting becomes more complex when the owner of the warehouse and the janitor discover the painting's worth and devise plans of their own.

     Murder and mayhem unfold as the conspiracy grows larger and the two thieves continually deceive and betray one another.  In the climatic conclusion, both Darren and Chloe race to outsmart the other with the risk of them both losing everything.‚Äč