Almost Dead

Based on the best selling novel "Resurrection."

     Katherine Roshak (SHANNEN DOHERTY "Beverly Hills 90210," "Blindfold," "Heathers") is a brilliant Professor of Psychiatry.  Dominic Delaserra (COSTAS MANDYLOR "Picket Fences," "Mobsters") is a streetwise cop with an attitude. Together they are thrown into the twisted world of the psychotic as they desperately try to subvert a plot to destroy Katherine's sanity.

     Katherine has it all: beauty, brains, wealth and a promising career. But suddenly her life is turned upside down when she encounters the presence of her dead mother who committed suicide four years earlier.

     As a rational psychiatrist, Katherine knows she must face the fears that her mind is creating, and travels to the Pennsylvania town where her mother is buried. Katherine's sanity is further shaken when she discovers that her mother's grave is empty.

     At her wits end, she meets Dominic and convinces him to help her investigate the disappearance of the body and to find a logical explanation for her visions. Dominic is convinced that it is all in her mind -- until those around them begin to die.

     Fear and determination bring Dominic and Katherine closer to each other as they vow to uncover the truth if it is the last thing they do. And it may well be.‚Äč