When Lomax's suspicions prove to be true and he is killed by Casey, the Organization decides to cut their losses and have Alex tracked down and terminated. Everyone, however, miscalculates her skill and tenacity. Armed with her mentor's words of warning and an ever-increasing sense of survival, Alex takes on the best of the Organization's elite assassins. One by one they all fall prey to her exceptional skills.

     Having convinced his superiors that Alex is too valuable to terminate, Casey lures Alex back and uses his brutal methods to break her down and re-program her into the Organization's most prized asset. However, a spark of the moral conscience that Lomax lit in Alex as a young girl still flickers and begins to burn stronger as the truth about her parents' death emerges.

     When Casey saves his own neck by betraying Alex during a mission to the Middle East, Alex's skills are pushed to the limit as she fights her way back to hunt down those who betrayed both her and her loved ones.​

     After her mother and father are brutally assassinated by Elite Intelligence Agent, Lester Casey (JAMES RICHARDS), their 6 year old daughter Alex (NAOMI KARPATI) is placed into the hands of Montgomery Lomax (MIRKO GRILLINI), an expert martial arts trainer and mentor for the intelligence organization that killed her parents.

     Lomax's mission: To develop the child into a master of the killing arts.

     After 18 years of training, Alex proves to be an exceptional student and the Organization wants to put her in the field as Elite Agent 7685. However, Lomax has grown protective of her and insists that she isn't ready. Knowing that he is now out of favor with the Organization and that no one is to be trusted, Lomax warns Alex that she must leave if anything ever happens to him.